Why Skybox?

SkyBox is the newest coworking space to hit North County San Diego. SkyBox delivers the comfort and consistency of a private office with the flexibility of working at home. We know the value of providing a quality creative space. Cozy and functional furniture fills the generous space with high ceilings and an open area to work with energetic natural light during the day.

What is a Coworking Space?

Flexible, Customizable, New, Consistent

Coworking spaces have been becoming more normalized by small startup businesses and freelancers alike for the past few years. These types of spaces are ideal for people like these because they are just as good as renting an entire office, for a fraction of the price.

Benefits and Amenities

Fewer worries, for better work

Fast Wifi

Air Conditioning

Easy Parking

Convenient Location

Flexible Hours

Full Kitchen