5 Ways to Make the Most of a Shared Coworking Space

The coworking trend, which is shared workspaces, is taking off in the United States.  As compared to only 14 spaces nationwide in 2007, the number of shared office spaces grew to 4,043 in 2017Coworking spaces provide many advantages to companies and entrepreneurs because they are more affordable than renting a regular office and provide more stimulation than a home office.  They can be used by entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers who need a flexible working environment.  


1. Use the Amenities

The cost of a shared office is often membership-based.  With that membership comes some additional perks other than just a desk and chair.  Shared workspaces offer amenities like any other office building: hot desks, meeting rooms, kitchens, and more.  Since you are paying for them, you might as well make use of them.  


2. Take Advantage of the Energy

The energy of a coworking space is often very different from a regular office.   Use this atmosphere to get motivated. In a shared space, you will see those at private desks and some having conversations at large shared tables.  A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that workers who use a shared space thrive in that environment.   They cited a greater sense of community and purpose in their work.  



3. Collaborate with Coworkers

The disadvantage of working at home is that you are working alone…all the time.  A rental studio space allows for a culture that is conducive to discussions and collaboration.  The networking aspect is really the value of a coworking space. Different types of people with their own skill sets are available to collaborate with.  And, that’s really when innovation occurs.  


4. Use the Savings Elsewhere

One of the biggest advantages of a shared coworking space is the cost.  You can rent out a space for a fraction of the cost of having a private office elsewhere.   Costs vary based on whether you want a shared desk or private one, but there is a large amount of flexibility.  Use those savings that would have been spent on having a private office space on growing your business in other ways, perhaps, on marketing or advertising.  


5. Enjoy the Flexibility

Coworking spaces allow for freedom and flexibility.  You get to use the space in the way that it best fits your needs.  Time management becomes crucial since there is so much freedom in the coworking environment.  Stick to set work times and schedule times to take breaks. Use the space effectively and you will find that your productivity level increases.   If the noise of the space gets to be too much for what you are working on, plug in your noise-canceling headphones to stay focused. It also sends the message to other workers in the space that you are working and need to be left alone.  


Co-working spaces will continue to grow as the American workforce changes, with more freelancers, startups, and non-traditional companies.  There are many advantages to this type of working arrangement. You can use it to get motivated and collaborate with others to be more productive.  For more help or advice, reach out to the experts at SkyBox to get started enjoying your shared coworking space.