5 Benefits of Working in a Shared Coworking Workspace

For solo entrepreneurs and people with nomadic work schedules, it can be a real challenge to find reliable spaces to get tasks done. Many of the alternate workspaces people choose to use, like coffee shops, book stores, and even libraries don’t offer all of the amenities of a working environment and they can be incredibly distracting. 

Luckily, shared coworking workspaces have boomed in popularity recently, offering a new way to work for countless individuals. There are plenty of shared workspace benefits that are much harder to come across in traditional office environments and this model might be paving the way for the future of employment. 


Location, Location, Location


Whether you’re part of a startup, management for a larger company, or a freelancer, a shared coworking workspace can be a lifesaver. One of the primary reasons why people love the shared-space trend is the fact that the offices are usually in very desirable locations, right near the action. Additionally, some of these buildings come with amazing perks like on-site parking, free gyms, cafés, and security teams, which you aren’t likely to experience in most traditional office spaces. 


Affordable Work Space


While your boss might not normally be able to afford the cost of an entire floor in a spacious room in a swanky downtown building with an amazing view, the membership fee for a shared workspace is very achievable. These fees are usually charged on a month-to-month basis and the scalability of the memberships makes it a perfect option for short-term or sporadic uses. Prices for these memberships can range from a few hundred dollars per month to a few thousand, depending on the amount of time you spend in a location and the number of people that require a workspace.



Easy Setup and Takedown 


A major headache for business owners is handling the logistics of a company-wide move. If your business is still in the smaller stage, with only a handful of employees, co-working spaces take the stress away by facilitating an easy plug-and-play environment. You don’t have to worry about ordering office furniture, paying for expensive machines like copiers, or even setting up the Internet. At a shared workspace, the office is already prepared for you, so all you need to do is bring a computer and get to work. 



Scalability Based on Usage and Needs


Another thorn in the side for business owners who need a space for their employees but might also be looking at rapid expansion in the future is the idea of being locked into a rental agreement. Your business might start out with just five employees but grow to 10 or 15 in a very short amount of time. At that point, you would already need to be looking at relocation, but you might be stuck in a multi-year contract. Shared work locations offer workers and employers more flexibility than traditional office buildings since you can decide how much space you need on a monthly basis. 


Networking Hub


One of the most important reasons the workforce is seeing a shift toward these shared workspaces is the inherent opportunities for networking. It’s likely that most of the other people working alongside you are not employed in the same industry. The focus on community is essential to the functionality of co-working areas and is central to their success. 

More and more employees and business owners are loving the shared workspace benefits that alternative office environments can offer. To experience the scalability, savings, and stress-free set up for yourself, check out the shared workspaces available through SkyBox.